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Ordinary and Extraordinary Heroes of our Time

Kronborg Stories Untold aims to give voice to the people who rarely make it into history books

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Ordinary and Extraordinary Heroes of our Time

The book you might be considering to buy right now, is carefully crafted. It is 304 pages long, weighs a bit more than four pounds and has been printed, assembled, sewn, glued, imprinted, bound, written and illustrated by people who enjoy sharing stories and breathing life into history.

It is born of passion and hard work – bearing the message that you are part of something bigger, something more important than yourself, something that lasts long after you are gone.

The Get Ajour publishing house is located on the grounds of Kronborg Castle, and for some time now, we have witnessed the unique sense of community and relationships this castle ties together, binding its caretakers to the world heritage in their hands. We have watched while they carefully craft the large, grey blocks of stone and turn them into beautiful sea creatures decorating the castle walls. We have heard the pounding of the hammers as they mould copper roofs to fit the wooden beams beneath. We have seen the people of Kronborg work through strong winds,  torrential downpour, and scorching sunlight, all while painting, carving, cleaning, repairing, and sharing stories of the castle that is the backdrop to their lives. These are the people who have dedicated their craftsmanship, professionalism, passion, attention – and a large part of their lives – to the maintenance of one of the most important Renaissance castles in the world.

›Kronborg Stories Untold‹ aims to give voice to the people who rarely make it into history books. We want to give the painter, the bricklayer, the mason, the cannoneer, the caretaker, the guard, and the cleaner the platform they deserve. The pages of this book hold their stories. Moments from their lives, their varied paths to Kronborg, and their takes on what makes the castle so unique that ›CNN Travel‹ named it one of the most beautiful castles in Denmark in January 2020.

It also contains other more historical tales from Danish history. They are fictionalized stories based in truth, illustrating the beginning, the downfall and the heyday periods of the castle’s life. They are tales of legendary vikings, imprisoned queens, duelling actors and toiling slaves, together creating a tapestry of destiny, intertwining the castle’s people of the past with those of today.

With this publication we wish to provide a sensory experience. As an inspirational and thought-provoking insight into the home of Shakespeare’s mad king Hamlet, it wants to give you a glimpse of the people who have danced, cried and lived out their dreams within the castle walls. It wants to give you a peek into the small, welcoming and committed ›family‹ we can thank for the ability to follow in these historical footsteps. ›Kronborg Stories Untold‹ offers a heartfelt journey of the castle whether you have already seen it, never have heard of it, or maybe plan on visiting someday. And it does this through artistic photographs of places you might never have seen – destiny tales told by people who are seldom heard – and illustrations that recreate places and realities that no longer exist.


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