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On June 19th 2020, the book ´Kronborg – Stories Untold’ will be published in both Danish and English languages by Get Ajour publishing. Follow the ongoing media coverage here on this page.

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October 8th 2020: were originally ‘only’ interested in publishing a short news interview about ‘Kronborg – stories untold’ but when they realised how unique the book was, in what they named ‘possibly the most beautiful book of the year’ and discovered it’s references to strong women, proud craftsmen and the need for absorption in every day life they wanted to spread the story. Read their article (in Danish) ’Det sanseaktiverende værk’ which opens by calling the book for ‘quality and innovative’. 🙂

Read the article HERE

September 11th 2020: Under the headline ‘the warm hands of Kronborg’, Pernille Stensgaard from Weekendavisen, focused on all the every day people who put in hard work on the walls, floors, roofs and areas of the castle. People, who she lovingly calls for ‘originals’ because they particularly sees the meaning with work life and the fellowship they have with both famous Danes as well as unknown craftsmen during centuries. We are happy to know that we are not the only ones who get the opportunity to experience Kronborg behind the scenes. So does all the readers of Weekendavisen as well.

August 30th 2020: Kronborg -Stories Untold is primarily about the people working at the castle and their individual love and fascination for the place. The Danish Television station TV2 Lorry was inspired by the story tellings of the book and produced a 15 minutes special of the lives, hidden passions and stories of some of the people in the book. The result is a heartwarming production of the people of the castle and was aired under the title ‘Love for Kronborg’

See the programme HERE

July 14th 2020: The cultural editor of Berlingske, Anne Sophie Hermansen, came after Kronborg Castle in a relatively harsh critique of its cultural- and history communication which led to other news media picking up on the story from their relative point of views. ‘Kulturen’ on Danish radio P1 invited writer Anja Klemp Vilgaard and photographer Anders Espersen Marlow to the studio for a talk about Kronborg, it’s current storytelling and the different point of views the newly released book is offering.

Listen to the broadcast HERE (Danish)

June 29th 2020The American site ‘Narratively’ publishes an interview with writer Anja Klemp Vilgaard, where she discusses the making of ‘Kronborg – Stories Untold’ and Get Ajour Publishing. She expresses her passion for finding and communicating the wonderful stories all around us, and gives a sneak peek into a possible, future release.


June 29th 2020The Danish national daily newspaper Berlingske publishes a sizable review of ‘Kronborg – Stories Untold’, awarding it 5 out of 6 stars. The review highlights the book’s many personal portraits, as well as the unusual combination of historical dramatizations and >>A Danish workplace<<, which is described as a ‘beautiful union’.

Read the coverage here:

June 20th 2020Following the grand release of ‘Kronborg – Stories Untold’, the newspaper Ugebladet Hørsholm releases an article about the new book. It focuses on the work’s portrayal of Kronborg from the working man’s point of view, and emphasizes the fact that authors Anja Klemp Vilgaard and Anders Espersen Marlow have been granted a unique access into the inner workings of the historical renaissance castle.

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June 19th 2020Over the course of the day, 180 people attended the book reception at Kronborg Castle. Due to COVID-19 the visitors were able to enjoy a wide range of activities including storytelling, guided tours revolving around stories from ‘Kronborg – Stories Untold’, visits to the castle, delicious picnic baskets as well as a thunderous gun salute.

June 16th 2020A few days before Kronborg – Stories Untold is released, Helsingør Dagblad covers the story, focusing on the people that bring the stories from Kronborg Castle into the context of every-day life. The article describes a ‘castle of people’, which the fortress very much is, as well as the extraordinary, untold every-day stories brought to life by the book, thereby painting them in a completely new and virgin light.

Read the coverage here:ære-det-samme-uden-benny-blikkenslager-steen-murer-og-heidi-maler

June 9th 2020Meet our newest addition to the family: A beautiful, 304-page work weighing in at just over 4 pounds. It features an abundance of beautiful pictures, hidden secrets, and artistic illustrations as well as life stories shared by the people who rarely manage to make their way into books like this. Meet craftsmen and chambermaids, slaves and soldiers, as they take centre stage – sharing their stories, both past and present. Showcasing their own version of Danish history.

June 5th 2020: During this period, Helsingør Dagblad and several other media outlets cover the upcoming series of book readings, entitled ‘Storytelling at Kronborg’, taking place on the grassy area by the castle moat every Friday in July and August. The events are completely free of charge, and we are looking forward to sharing the relatable, educational, and heart-warming stories from Kronborg with as many people as possible, throughout the summer months.

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April 23rd 2020: The American producer Paul Young inquires about movie/television rights for the article in Narratively, as they find the story about Erik of Pomerania (Erik VII) exciting. We are very proud and happy about the interest.

April 20th 2020: Article inspired by the Kronborg book is published in the Amercian Hollywood based  platform ‘Narratively’. Read the article here:

Erik of Pomerania. Erik VII of Danmark. The King who stole Dannebrog, the countrys regalia and some of the crown jewels – before he turned pirate and eventually waged war on his fellow country men.